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Balham Gateway Dental Practice

Balham Gateway Dental is a long-standing independent practice, established since the 1950s, providing excellent private treatment. Our experienced and friendly team provides quality dentistry with a personal touch. We offer a variety of treatments for differing dental needs.

In addition to our private service, we hold a small NHS contract enabling us to deliver a limited amount of NHS dentistry. 

We see exempt and fee paying patients, including the elderly, children, expectant mothers and families and we take pride in providing a safe, welcoming environment for those anxious about visiting the dentist.

We aim to provide same day to 48 hour appointments for dental emergencies and are open Saturday mornings by appointment.

Located near the heart of Balham within easy access of public transport, British National Rail and London underground services, our ethos is prevention foremost. When treatment is needed, we follow a conservative but proactive approach.

We are proud to use the best quality dental materials making state- of-the-art and affordable dentistry a reality for our patients.

Here, at Balham Gateway Dental, we celebrate inclusion and diversity wherever we can find it, within our staff and patients!

We treat everybody with respect, compassion and sensitivity and our small team gives a personal tone to every patient and treatment.

Balham Gateway Dental

13A Station Parade
Balham High Rd
SW12 9AZ

Practice Opening Times

Closed between 1:00pm and 2:00pm
09.00am - 7.00pm
09.00am - 5.00pm
09.00am - 4.00pm
09.00am - 5.00pm
09.00am - 3.15pm
09.00am - 1.00pm

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How to find us:

By Tube/Train: 1 minute walk from Balham Train/Underground Station
Cycling: Bike racks right outside premises
By Bus: No 155, 249,255, 355

  • Du Cane Court (Stop K) towards Streatham Or Tooting Broadway
  • Balham Station (Stop B) towards Clapham South

By car: ask reception for available parking

Great friendly practice, reception is always ready to help. Quick to be seen if in pain which shows dedication to their patients.

January 2, 2019


Treatment Offered


Regular attendance for check-ups is recommended. This helps prevent disease and allows us to minimise and treat disease such as decay and periodontal (gum) disease. It allows early intervention and helps limit active disease. Regular examinations allow us to screen for lumps or abnormal tissue. Examination appointments may include screening x-rays.

They are an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your oral health. How often you need to attend varies among individuals and the current recommended recalls range between 3 and 24 months.

Tooth Whitening

We currently provide the most advanced tooth whitening system in the UK (Enlighten) the only system with B1 shade guarantee.

We are an accredited Enlighten Centre of Excellence with many happy patients.

We additionally offer the Philips Zoom Home Kit (Day or Night) for use with bespoke whitening trays at home and internal whitening or white spot treatment procedures.

A Free initial consultation is necessary to determine the suitability of the treatment.

Dental Implants

If one or more teeth have been lost or extracted, they can be replaced with a stand alone artificial root and an implant crown or bridge or clip-on stable dentures. Treatments include teeth in a day and all-on-4 for full mouth reconstructions.

Our resident implantologist with over 15 years of experience in implant dentistry can offer solutions for missing tooth replacement with the prime implant system in the world (Straumann) and more cost effective solutions (Neodent) for patients looking for an excellent system and best value for money.


Oral hygiene is about maintaining the health of the supporting tissue (gums) and teeth. It is important to keep the gums healthy as they support your teeth. Studies show that more teeth are lost through periodontal (gum) disease in adults than through tooth decay.

As a practice, we provide hygiene sessions which include scaling, dietary and oral hygiene advice and regular reviews to assist in maintaining healthy gums. Due to varying needs and habits, hygiene sessions are tailored to the individual. The hygienist or dentist will discuss your treatment needs with you.

Invisalign and Wrinkle Smoothing

We are proud Invisalign Full providers since 2015. Invisalign is the world’s pioneer train track-free tooth alignment system using clear aligners. We are licensed to address both light and more comprehensive cases.

We use the original BOTOX brand for upper face wrinkle smoothing and wrinkle prevention by the pioneers in the field. Our results are natural looking so that people around you wonder why your face looks so fresh. We recommended repeating the procedures every 4 to 6 months for best results. We apply anaesthetic cream for minimal discomfort during the procedure and reward with a discount our regular returning patients.

Restorative treatment

These treatments restore the cosmetic and functional aspect of the tooth and alleviate discomfort/pain or can prevent deterioration of the tooth.

We provide composite (tooth coloured) invisible, state-of-the-art (Gradia) fillings while we limit amalgam (mercury) fillings as much as we can in order to avoid exposure to mercury and for environmental reasons.  The restorative treatment of the tooth is carried out by removing the decay and filling the cavity to restore the tooth.

Crowns & Bridges

Where the tooth is completely broken down or weaker after endodontic treatment, a crown (cap) may be necessary to restore the tooth’s function. Similarly, treatment to place a cast restoration such as a crown, will require more than one visit.

We provide state of the art metal-free e.max or Zirconium crowns while in a few cases we may recommend porcelain bonded to metal crowns or metal crowns if there is a clinical indication.

Endodontic treatment

If the tooth is not restored and the pulp (nerve) becomes exposed or dies, endodontic treatment (root canal therapy) may be necessary before the tooth can be restored. This treatment may require a few visits before it is completed.

We use rotary equipment for our root canals which can speed up the lengthy procedure and help achieve long lasting results.


Prosthodontics is the art of dentistry concerned with the replacement of missing teeth. We provide full and partial dentures in acrylic or chrome cobalt (metal) material.

Dentures are removable and are used to replace some or all missing teeth. Bridges are a fixed tooth replacement option and various designs are available.

Surgical Extractions – Wisdom teeth

We advocate teeth for life. We endeavour to provide preventative and conservative treatment for your dentition, however when this is no longer possible, the tooth may need to be extracted. Prior to an extraction the dentist will discuss the procedure with you.

Our background in Oral Surgery allows us to undertake complex surgical wisdom tooth procedures without the long wait for a hospital appointment.

I always recommend to friends, they're wonderful people

TD Patient - Balham Gateway Dental November 27, 2015

Fee Guide

Treatment Prices From

Diagnostic & Prevention

Routine Examination/Recall (new or existing patients) £49.00
X-Ray Small £15.50
Examination for Children (Under 18 years old) £37.00
Fissure Sealant per tooth £23.50
Topical Fluoride preventive application £16.50
Emergency Fee £96.50

Hygiene & Gum Disease

Hygienist 30 mins slot £64.00
Hygiene & Pearl Polishing 45 mins slot £114.00
Gum Disease Treatment (Root Scaling and Planing) per side under Local Anaesthetic (75 mins) £198.00
Atraumatic State of the Art Biofilm Eraser with PerioMate with Glycine for implant & pocket debridement £220.00

Whitening & Facial Aesthetics & Invisalign

Whitening: Zoom Home (6 syringes) £295.00
Whitening: Enlighten (the whitening system with the most structured protocol and B1 guarantee) £595.00
Whitening: Internal for intrinsically discoloured teeth £295
ICON White Patch Non-invasive treatment (up to 4 teeth) £245.00
Invisalign i7 to Full £2,200.00-£4,400.00
Invisaling Vivera (3 pairs of Upper orLower) £299
Essix Retainers (single retainer) £185.00
Original Botox 1-3 Areas Initial Treatment £235.00 – £353.00
Original Botox 1-3 Areas for returning patients with loyalty discount £209.00 – £335.00

Restorative Dentistry

Lifelike tooth-coloured fillings £109.00
Post & Core Reconstruction (fibreglass or titanium) £198.00
Metal Free Crowns:
(super strong)
(ultimate aesthetics)

High Gold Content Crown £960.00
Crown Recement £144.00
Porcelain Veneer £640.00
Composite Veneers (Front Teeth) £324.50
Root Canal Treatment 1 canal £311.00
Pulp extirpation £158.00

Surgical Dentistry

Extraction (Removal of Periodontal tooth) £85.80
Extraction Wisdom Tooth £225.00
Surgical Extraction wisdom tooth or other £375.00
Straumann Implant (complete with crown & fully authentic components) £3,050.00
Neodent Implant (complete with crown & fully authentic components) £2,500.00
Implant overdenture with clip and secured on 2 Neodent implants £3,200.00
Full Jaw  (all-on-4) / Teeth in a day £11,000.00 – £12,500.00

Last but not least!

Soft Night Guard £185.00
Hard Night Guard £240.00
AntiSnoring Device (fixed or adjustable) £720.00
Removable Acrylic Denture (Single) £595.00
Removable Metal Frame Denture (Single) £1,145.00


The NHS will not provide cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening or other cosmetic treatments which you may want to make your teeth more attractive, but are not clinically necessary.


*Our NHS contract allows for delivery of a small amount of NHS dentistry. To ensure continuity of care with us, please pre-book your next examination appointment when you complete your course of treatment. As the NHS slots are limited, non-attendance for over 24 months (the longest recall period) may result in losing your NHS registration in our clinic.


Appointment Booking/Cancellation & Rescheduling Notice

To minimise wasted time, failure to attend (including late attendance) or rescheduling/ cancelling appointments giving us less than 48 hours’ notice will result in refusing to offer further NHS appointments.


NHS Dental Charges

Displayed Prices valid from 1 April 2024
See below:
BDA position on the NHS charge hike for 2023-2024
Updated BDA position on the 2024-2025 NHS charge hike

Dentistry is one of the few NHS services where you have to pay a contribution towards the cost of your care.

If you are not exempt from charges, you should pay one of the following charges for each course of treatment you receive:
Band 1 course of treatment £26.80
Band 2 course of treatment £73.50
Band 3 course of treatment £319.10
Band 4 course of Urgent Treatment £26.80

Please note that payment for NHS treatment will be asked in full upfront.

Who’s entitled to free dental care?

If one or more of the criteria listed below applies to you when your treatment starts, you’ll be entitled to free NHS dental care:
  • aged under 18, or under 19 and in qualifying full-time education
  • pregnant or have had a baby in the previous 12 months
  • staying in an NHS hospital and your treatment is carried out by the hospital dentist
  • an NHS hospital dental service outpatient – but you may have to pay for your dentures or bridges

You’re also entitled if you or your partner – including civil partner – receive, or you’re under the age of 20 and the dependant of someone receiving:

  • Income Support
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Universal Credit and meet the criteria

If you’re entitled to or named on:

  • a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate
  • a valid HC2 certificate

People named on an NHS certificate for partial help with health costs (HC3) may also get help.

You will not be exempt from paying because you receive any of the following:

  • Incapacity Benefit
  • contribution-based Employment and Support Allowance
  • contribution-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Council Tax Benefit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit

Medical conditions do not exempt patients from payment for dental treatment. You’ll be asked to show your dentist written proof that you do not have to pay for all or part of your NHS treatment. You will also be asked to sign a form to confirm that you do not have to pay.

Exemption for pregnant women

Pregnant women and women who have had a baby in the last 12 months get free NHS dental treatment. You may have to show proof, such as a maternity exemption certificate (MatEx), a maternity certificate (MATB1), or your baby’s birth certificate.

If you gave birth more than 12 months ago, you will not be entitled to free NHS dental treatment. The MatEx only gives exemption from NHS prescriptions.

When do I tell the dentist that I do not have to pay?

Tell your dental practice you want NHS treatment when you make an appointment and if you do not have to pay for it. When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll be given a digital form to fill out – if you do not have to pay, put a cross in the appropriate box.

If you have a valid HC2 certificate or tax credit exemption certificate, write in the certificate number.

If you have a valid HC3 certificate, write in the certificate number and the maximum your certificate says you can pay. You’ll pay either what appears on the certificate or the actual charge, whichever is the least.

We are not responsible for advising patients on exemptions, and it’s the patient’s responsibility to know if they’re exempt.

You’ll need to show proof of your entitlement to help with dental costs. If you are not sure whether you’re entitled to help, you must pay. You can claim a refund, but make sure you keep all receipts.

Great friendly practice, reception is always ready to help. Quick to be seen if in pain which shows dedication to their patients.

January 2, 2019

Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Dr Panos Angelopoulos (DDS Athens 2002)

Dr Panos Angelopoulos (DDS Athens 2002)

Principal Dentist - GDC No 82981

Panos believes in minimally invasive dentistry, has an eye for detail and reputation for light-handed dentistry combined with a gentle and caring attitude. Throughout his career he has been aiming to excel and provide patients with the only best. His intense focus is on Dental Implantology, Surgery and Aesthetic dentistry. He works routinely with 5x magnification loupes.

Since his graduation in 2002, Panos has acquired extensive professional experience predominantly in England. Numerous continued professional development courses have enabled him to make a very wide spectrum of dentistry available to thousands of happy patients.

From his Dental Implantology Certificate in 2007,  the world famous Eastman Dental Hospital Dental Hypnosis course to more recent Surgical Masterclasses in 2021, he ensures he is at the forefront of contemporary dentistry.


Dr Isabelle Hughes (BDS Queen Mary University of London 2019)

Dr Isabelle Hughes (BDS Queen Mary University of London 2019)

Associate Dentist - GDC No 284625

Issy graduated from Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry in 2019.

She aims to create a calm and comfortable environment for patients of all ages. She loves treating children and families.

Issy believes in minimally invasive dentistry and is currently completing the Aspire Aesthetic Restorative Course focusing on cosmetic treatments. She enjoys providing whitening and composite fillings and helping patients feel more confident about their smile.

Outside of dentistry, Issy is a keen tennis player and loves to travel.


Dr Ben Riley (BDS Lond 2012)

Dr Ben Riley (BDS Lond 2012)

Associate Dentist - GDC No 228286

Ben gained a BSc in biochemistry from Southampton before completing his bachelor of dental surgery degree from King’s College London in 2012.
He has a keen interest in all aspects of general dental practice. He has experience in paediatric and special care dentistry, as well as post graduate qualifications in periodontics, endodontics and advanced aesthetic and restorative dentistry.
 He has also completed his membership exams for the joint dental faculties of the Royal College of Surgeons.
Ben has a calm and friendly manner and always puts his patients at ease.
In his free time he enjoys spending time with his young family, running, and playing tennis.

Therapists – Hygienists

Bipin Khyaju

Bipin Khyaju

Hygienist GDC No 300275

Bipin is a GDC registered dental hygienist with a calm aura, light hand and efficient practice. He is proficient in providing the full range of hygiene services from simple tooth cleaning to advanced air-polishing and aspects of periodontal treatment.

He believes that maintaining oral hygiene is of utmost importance and helps his patients achieve this by providing excellent practical instructions on brushing technique and various aspects of dental care.

Aji Balakrishnan

Aji Balakrishnan

Hygienist - Therapist GDC No 310712

Aji is an enthusiastic Dental Hygienist & Therapist. Having graduated from the University of Birmingham in July 2023 she has experience with a wide range of patients.

She takes great pride in paying attention to detail to achieve gold standard treatment for all her patients. She believes that improving patients’ oral hygiene is the first step to many problems affecting gums and teeth and her mission is to guide you through this with extensive oral care instruction and all necessary treatment. She is always eager to expand her knowledge and continue developing her skills to provide patients with the most effective and up to date treatment.

Besides her career in the dental field, she enjoys singing and dancing!

Nurses & Patient Engagement Team

Many thanks for seeing me so quickly on Monday, my tooth feels much better today

W Patient - Balham Gateway Dental November 27, 2015

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Contact Us

Call us on 020 8673 7887 during clinic opening hours to arrange an appointment, or use the contact form below.

For emergency treatment outside opening hours please contact 111 – NHS National services.

Friendly staff, calm environment and always get thorough explanations of treatment or recommendations. Nice place.

January 2, 2019

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